Who I help

Tailored advice to match my clients unique goals

I believe that everyone deserves great advice and I give the same level of service to all my clients. My clients come from a range of backgrounds and I enjoy getting to know their different success stories and uncovering where and how I can help them achieve future goals.

Whilst I am comfortable with all kinds of clients there are a few areas I have specific experience and services for;

  • Business Owners & Directors

    Achieving business & personal success

    I work with directors to plan, manage and protect both their business and personal financial plans and assets.

  • Agriculture

    Making hard work pay off

    Surrounded by the beautiful Lancashire countryside many of my clients come from the agriculture sector. I have a particular passion for helping our hard-working food producers to plan their financial futures and help their hard work to pay off.

  • Sports Professionals

    Winning in both arenas

    I help a number of sports professionals to plan their finances, both during and after their playing careers. As a former rugby player and lifelong rugby enthusiast, I have seen both the incredible positives and risks that professional Sports brings and I am very passionate about getting the best for my clients.

Matt Worthington is a member of Sovereign Wealth LLP.

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